Fashion: The Jogger trend

In the past few years I’ve been noticing the trend of jogger pants becoming more fashionable to wear.  Even stores like Old Navy carry joggers.  Now most people wear them in a very casual way, but there are a few brands that present them in a less casual way.  I like the mix of dress and casual that the jogger offers.  There are alot of options, but few present their product in such a stylish crisp look as Publish Brand.  I honestly think they were one of the first companies to offer joggers in a variety of styles.  I was telling my friend and co-author of this blog El-Periz a year or so ago how joggers were gonna be the next big trend.  So now here we are and joggers are EVERYWHERE.  I’ve never been a fan of the flashy, busy tendency the streets have to flip fashion.  I hope they keep it simple with a versatile color palette.  In my opinion that’s the key to really creating a timeless look..  I think logos and too many colors and/or patterns take away from the design, but that’s just me….

– $oCity

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