Fashion: Shades

With so much emphasis on clothes and shoes it seems like people forget about the subtle additions to an outfit.  Bracelets, Chains, and/or necklaces seem to be coming back in style specifically in mens fashion, but no one is really speaking on that timeless cool that is eyewear.       New companies like Super Sunglasses, Crooks & Castles, and Lucid Eyewear are contributing a fresh approach on that classic style, but mainstays like Ray Ban, and Moscot continue to offer styles that have stood the test of time.  There are still countless other brands offering similar if not identical looks, but with a more affordable price point.  Dont get me wrong these other companies do offer some original styles but generally the looks are generally duplicates among the lower priced brands.  So basically you have a few original looks and alot of rehashed ideas flooding the market with redundant styles, but I’ll touch on that topic in a later post.  There is a bright side to the saturation…  Endless options!  So step your fresh up with a pair of shades…..

– SoCity

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