Random Record Review – CURREN$Y “Pilot Talk 3”

In the first article in our “Random Record Review (R3)”  its our pleasure to get to touch on the third installment of CURREN$Y‘s “Pilot Talk” series.  Few artists have worked through the industry or made a name for themselves the way Curren$y has.  To stay as relevant and remain true to ones own style is rare.  I mean the kid has a pretty flipping impressive resume, not to mention all those Jet Life mix tapes they laced us with.
CURREN$Y‘s known for that smoked out sound you can ride to, and he defenitely doesn’t disappoint on this release.  The beats are smooth and timeless.  That Jet Life sound is consistant to say the least.  Joey Fatts laces spitta with some heat.  Even Riff Raff lends a verse to the already smooth “Froze.”  Even with the list of known Jet Life colaborators he’s comfortable in his own zone on tracks like “Lemonade Mimosas.”  Over all this is a well rounded project without compromising that sound Spitta is known for.  He effortlessly flexes his lyrical capability as only he can.  I’ll be riding to it for sure.


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