Why Is Vinyl Still Relavent?…

One of my fondest childhood memories is that crackle when the needle is set down on that old dusty (record).  To me there’s no better sound, but maybe I’m a little biased.  Mine is one of the last generations that had the record as the primary listening option.  The last generation to have dj’s have no other options except to actually beat match (actual DJ’ing).   Until the cd came along the best way to enjoy music was vinyl.  The sound could deteriorate on a tape.  No quatized beat matching programs, no usb interfaces.  Yea dj’s had playlists and things but every mix was different because of the human element.  To me thats what makes vinyl so unique…  The human element.
So in this digital age the age where everything can deleted, copied, shared instantly.  Why have records been such a mainstay in our culture?  I think part of it is the tradition.  The fact that someone older than us put us up on the whole vinyl experience.  Let’s not forget that vinyl is nearly 150 years old.  So part of the reason could be nostalia.  Some say the music sounds different.  I personally think its a little of both.  That and the whole experience of grabbing the record putting it on that platter, and dropping that needle.
The way the music is experienced is different.  You had to “work” for it.  Not to say that you don’t now, but the result is instatanious.  A record is more personal you hold it look at it and absorb the album artwork like its a 12″ canvas.  With digital media that experience is missing.  In the words of a friend of mine “there’s a definite disconnect…”  In a world of constant movement a record makes you sit down and appreciate the sounds on the hifi.  Not just skip through the song you don’t favor.  Unless you wanna keep getting up to move the needle it almost forces you to appreciate the whole body of work.  If you ever really listen to older recordings the flow of the tracklist is even different.  Artists knew you were going to sit down and listen to the whole album so the music flowed.  A mood was created.  Not just this track then that track, but rather a composition.  A real body of work.
Its nice to slow it down and really listen to good music once in a while.  I was reading about how vinyl record sales have gone up but the record labels aren’t making that much money from vinyl record sales.  That leaves the question that if they aren’t making money off of the record sales, why keep pressing them?  I think its supplying a need.  Record labels cant keep up with these independent artist due to how accessible digital media is.  Anybody can put a mp3 on itunes, but who can press a record as easily?  People enjoy the nostalgia of it.  The change in pace.  That timeless cool that comes from the feeling of putting that needle onto the platter.  Going back to a simpler time to the tune of modern music.  Now that’s ¡Fresh!

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