Camo, Plaid, Paisley, Floral – The patern trend

     Designers recently seem to be getting bored with usual color palette we’re acustom to.  Everyone from the street wear side, to the high fashion side of the spectrum are trying to change things up.  The first real noticeable change up has been the adaptation of camoflauge into every fashion setting.  From dress to casual….  Hell even pajamas are using camo as the primary color palette.  Companies like Bape are even going as far as getting a patent filed on their specific pattern of camo.  In my opinion the change in functionality in the pattern is a necessary and needed trend.  I just hope they don,t play it out.
     The plaid situation is a little different to…  Aside from Burberry no one has really personalized the pattern.  I think plaid is really close to being plaid out.  With flanel making a come back, and the use of plaid damm near everthing its getting close.  The only thing saving it is the diversity of patterns and colors. 
     That is something that all the patterns I’m talking about share and ultimately help them grow in popularity.  Specifically in mens fashion, these patterns add a new dynamic to mens colour options.  I’ve always been a fan of paisley but floral is changing the game if you ask me.  10 Deep and Element are two of the many companies releasing collections featuring exclusively floral patterns.  It’s kind of like pink (keep in mind I hate pink though).  For a long time it was considered something more femanine, until some people pushed the envelope.  Even though I hate pink its a good thing when people push the boundaries.  Making you rethink what is ok to wear. 
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