Designer Sneaker Trend

     In a few of my other posts I’ve talked about how looks seen as more casual have made their way into more formal aspects of fashion.  This has never been more apparent than in the addition of sneakers added to an otherwise dressy look.  Some of you will say what about brands like Coach or Louis Vuitton.  Well until recently they basically just copied the style of shoe companies like Converse, Sketchers, Puma, & Adidas..  Hell they even resembled K Swiss in some styles.  I get brands get inspiration from other brands, style trends are style trends.  That being said in my opinion its pretty low to out right steal a companies signature style.
     So fast forward a few years and the high fashion shoe game has changed…  If you would have told me in ’95 that J’s (Jordan’s for you squares) would be as sought after as they are I’d have laughed.  They are even more of a status symbol now then they were when they came out.  Enter brands like Jon Buscemi, Filling Pieces (one my personal favorite), & Passport ADV to name a few.  They are changing the standard.  Now there are “dress” sneakers.  Not just dress shoes.  Once again diversifying an area of fashion that already have plenty of options. 
     Its great to see fashion innovators see a need and fill it in a thought out and intelligent manner.  Further diversifying what is the urban aesthetic.  Urban culture is ever evolving.  What better way to express this evolution by diversifying your style.  Don’t let the mainstream tell you what’s hot.  Create your own trends.  These designers cater to us.  Not the other way around.  Challenge them to help the aesthetic evolve.

– $oCity

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