Random Record Review (R3) – Yellawolf “Love Story.”

   Ok ok so as of late albums like Kendrick Lamar’s “To Pimp A Butterfly” have been pushing the envelope on what Hip Hop is Supposed to sound like.  This album to me is no different in the regard that it makes you question what Hip Hop really is.  I think works like these are very important, because it expands on the context of the genre.  Like Miles Davis did to Jazz with “In A Silent way”, “Bitches Brew”, and countless other works from that era.  There is this sort of revolution in Hip Hop.  A renaisance if you will of ideas and expression.
     Yellawolf comes with what to me sounds like his most honest and diverse album to date.  Songs like “Best Friend” ft. Eminem are deep and heart felt without being too soft.  Don’t think its all peaches and cream though.  He’s got some hard tracks too…..  Of course I have my favorite songs, but what I enjoyed about this album most was the unapologetic honesty of the project.  This is defenitely what I feel to be an ahead of its time type of project.  A timeless classic that won’t truely be appreciated for a while.  I on the other hand will be appreciating this project now, as you should.  Enjoy…..

– $oCity

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