Experimentation in Music: The missing element (Just A Thought)

A later incarnation of the Glen Branca guitar orchestra….

     Without giving away my exact age……… I’m an 80’s baby.  A kid of the Reagan era.  That decade and the 90’s were the last decades of (in my opinion) truly ground breaking contributions to music.  Groups like Polvo, Sonic Youth, The Boredoms, Glen Branca, Mr. Bungle, John Zorn and countless other groups were testing the boundaries in music and genres of music.
     These days it seems the safe route is preferred.  In this era of boundless levels of exposure and technology, people seem scared to try a new sound.  Ok ok I kinda get it…  There’s not too much left to try,  “everything” has been done right?  Bullshit…  Expression is expression…  The consensus is cash rules and thats a reasonable motivation, I get it.
     Still every genre has monotony, those people who immitate to flatter.  ¡Fresh Aesthetic!™ tries our best to digest as much art as possible and the consensus is that it appears most artist are scared to take risks.  Safe for the sake of digestability is a common theme.  Even when the subjects matter is risque….  The presentation is safe.  I often here the young and old speak on how this era lacks leaders and innovators.  The John Coltrane’s and Sun Ra’s…  The visionaries to lead us into the future.  The missing link seems to be a unique perspective…  A window into the mind of the individual.  City culture is made up of unique individuals.  Shouldn’t art be a reflection of this uniqueness……  Just a thought….

– $oCity

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