The $50 Outfit #1

Despite the grandeurous embelishments, asperations, and ideals spread by mainstream society, we are not all rich.  We do not all live the “glamerous” life.  No matter how much some of us wish we did.  That lifestyle is like a palm tree far off in the desert.  A mere mirage to the average workaday citizen.   This painful reality doesn’t mean we can’t still be ¡fresh!™ , stylish, or relevant.  It just means we have to be creative in how we go about making it happen.  That leads me to the subject at hand….
Summer is basically here.  More events to check out, more activities in these warmer months.  So if you are anything like us you wanna make a definite statement.  The catch is to keep the festivities (outfit included) within a reasonable budget.  Ladies it’s common knowledge ya’ll have access to the best sales.  So even tho we’ll cover outfits for ladies, the focus is mainly on men’s gear.  So we sent our subject (Mr.J. Gray) out to find a unit (in this case shoes included) for $50 or less.  Believe it or not for name brands this can be difficult.  Aside from the $50 the only other thing you’ll need is time and patience.
The first piece he bought was the shoes.  These Reebok Classic T Raww Emerald  really popped.  Perfect for the summer day…  The second piece were the white Nautica Jeans, which helped create a simple pallet of neutral color.  Piece number 3 was an Old Navy Pattern Tank Top.  The tank had the colors that tied the sneakers to the rest of the outfit.  So now your probably wondering how much did he spend on the outfit.  Well the pants were $9, tank top $8, and the reeboks were $15.  So for an outfit perfect for happy hour or a summer outting J. Gray spent $32.  That leaves plenty of extra for extra activities…  ¡Fresh!™




– $oCity

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