Sneakerhead to Sneakerhead

     The sneaker market is flooded…  There I said it.  As much as I love the variety, I can’t help but feel like these shoe companies are exploiting the situation.  Every shoe ever released is being marketed to appeal to the consumer.  From shoes that failed when initially released to extremely sought after designs.  From the Mutombo sneaker to Nike Air Huarache are being released in a plethora of color variations.
     In my opinion however some sneakers don’t need to be re-released in the first place.  Namely cause the silouette was garbage when it came out the first time.  Namely the flipping Huarache which feels rather cheap and low quality, which seems to not fit the $100 plus price tag.  I get it inflation, supply, and demand, etc….  all play a part in the pricing.  Still some of these shoes weren’t even $60 when they came out originally.
     The pricing is not based on quality as much as it used to be.  Although the Air Jordan Brand did improve the sneaker quality starting at the beginning of 2015.  This move is understandable though mainly because of the price of the sneaker, but also due to the fact that some limited releases are very sought after and considered very collectible.  They also in alot of ways border high fashion sneakers.  There should be tiers of pricing for these kicks.  Instead of pricing them all the same.  I mean lets face it all kicks are not created equal…
     Its really a blessing and a curse.  Sneakerheads with the funds usually try to get every pair they like.  If your on a budget however, you have to pick your priorities…  The limited runs really hurt your frugal collector though.  Basically if you don’t move at the right time you miss out on what could be your holly grail sneaker.  This has happened to me quite a few times.  Namely the Chairman Bao Nike SB.  Its still available at flight club but alas not in my size.  So from sneaker head to sneaker head…  Happy hunting, and be careful in your purchases.

– $oCity

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