Does the brand make the logo, or does the logo make the brand?

     When it comes to clothing I try to be as minimalistic as possible using patterns or logos.  In fact if you would ask anyone that knows me they know I prefer no logos.  That still doesn’t stop me from buying particular brands. To me style and quality of the brand are just as import as the reputation of said brands.  That doesn’t mean everything certain brands make is going to be quality either.  I guess the question at hand is if too much emphasis place on brands?
     Its becoming more common to recognize a certain designer by the style or cut of the clothes.  The logo is becoming secondary.  Well in regard to high fashion anyway.  As far as street fashion goes logos still reign supreme.  Being quite the advocate of street fashion I often get frustrated with lack of minimalist options with known brands like 10 Deep, Dope, RockSmith, Supreme New York.  Don’t get me wrong I fuck with these brands real heavy, and understand why they do it.  Its a cost effective way to stay relavent and advertise your brand.  That being said would these companies be as known if not for the persistent use of their signature logos?  Is the quality there or is it all about the logo?
     I think its yes and no.  The quality isn’t always there and but the reputation is.  You know what to expect when you buy your favorite brand with or without the logo.  At the same time would you eveb bother without the logo?  I can say I would because my favorite brands have a style all their own.  I can look at a piece by Bape and know its bape.  Thats partly due to their signature camouflage but more so by the style.  The logo is just as important as the brand, but the logo wouldn’t be recognizable without the reputation the brand commanded.  We learn to recognize brands by the logo, but the style and quality plays a very important part in establishing a company.

– $oCity

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