Random Record Review: Travi$ Scott “Rodeo”

2015 has really been a great year for music but particularly what I like to call the new hip hop.  In case your wondering what I mean when I say that…  Its hip hop but it’s so much more, so much more honest and raw than what we’ve become accustomed to.  The common theme in music nowadays is to be very formulaic and redundant.  Travis $cott really broke free from that trend on this project..  On songs like “Piss on your grave” & “Pornography” he uses guitars and different melodies as more dominant tools than we’re used to in rap.  Honestly you really see where Kanye gets his sound from.  Now I might get some heat for this but Ye’s sound didn’t change until he took Travis under his wing.  It’s no doubt a symbiotic relationship as Travis wouldn’t be near as successful without him.  Still it was ingenious on Ye’s part to take a young talent under his wing like that.  It defenitely played a part in sustaining his career to this point.
I don’t think Travis would have gotten the recognition he gets if not for Ye, but his sound is to me a crucial part of the new hip hop sound.  No one sounds like him, no one has his energy, and no one rep H-town the way he does.  He is to me more of the real Houston representative than he gets credit.  From downtown to Fort Bend I hear the city when I hear Travis $cott.  I hear the ambiance of my favorite dive bars, the drone of cars the interstate, and the diversity of the city.  I even heard Pimp C unapologetically tell em his truth.  Even his name is made up of 2 streets historically Houston.
Like all things Houston its complicated, vibrant, and jamming.  Although the city is often overlooked, Travis $cott is far from it.  He’s more in the forefront of a new wave with new energy.  The project is overall a solid consistant project.  That has the rare trait of being listenable from beginning to end.  It may take some people to catch on to it, but this album is a certified classic.  I can’t wait til Og Ron C Chop Not Slops it up.  Defenitely a solid project.

– $oCity

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