Fresh Pressed… The decline of the crease…

     I don’t know how many people will remember until some years ago there was a different idea of what “presentable” was.  These days presentable has more to do with what your wearing than how you wear it.  There was a time when how you wore something mattered too.  Not saying it doesn’t matter now but at the same time not to the same degree.  People got dressed up to fly, eat out, and even hang in the street.  Not by dressed up I don’t mean just throw on your nicest clothes.  Before you put those fresh threads you had to press your shirt and crease your pants and/or skirt.
     Fast forward to modern day, and its almost the exact opposite today.  Designer ripped creasless jeans, shirts with holes…  I can only imagine what the older generation is saying about us.  I’m not saying we should go back to the old days, but I miss the Sta-Flo era.  When even street cats pressed up their jeans and shirts.  This isn’t to down play what’s going on today.  I’m just saying imagine some fresh, pressed, and crisp clothes to go with that wide brim hat.

Gangsters used to press their jeans so stiff they'd stand by themselves.

– $oCity

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