Adventures in Art Appreciation

Time is ever constant, ever present, and ever fleeting. In a day only a fraction of my time is free to explore and dedicate to my passion and/or hobby. So there’s a challenge I share with most people. Finding the time to spend with the movers and shakers is limited. Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you shouldn”t try to get out, get active, and get cultured…
This will hopefully evolve into a series where I document my adventures and outtings to various events abroad and in town, but for now we’ll speak on apreciating your city. The world is big and the art world is bigger. Why not make an effort to explore it. Im not at all an expert on art…. well yet…lol… Just because someone doesn’t submerge themselves in the arts shouldn’t stop you from going out and exploring the world around you. Technology can make anyone a hermit, but I like to use it as a tool. I look up artists, and look up events to add to my itenerary. I suggest you do the same.
Happy hunting…

– $oCity

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