Random Record Review: J Dilla “Dillatronic”

     Let me start by saying a I’m a huge fan of Dilla, and a definite fan of instumental hiphop.  J Dilla had an ear for samples seasoned producers wish they had.   He’s to production what 2pac is to rap.  Both had a huge catalog of unreleased material, and both had a tireless work ethic.  Its seems coincidental that artistically they might be suffering the same fate.  The issue with having so much music available is that as fans we want to hear it all.  I myself have countless Dilla tracks in my catalog, and this project is just another addition.  The problem is that just because the track is layed down by a legendary artist doesn’t mean it needs to be released.
     Let me say this…  The project is solid and most of the beats jam.  However quite a few have a feel of never really being meant to be released.  Like they were still works in progress…  I don’t know what the reasoning was in the selection of the tracks but some should have been left off the project.  If for no other reason than listenability.
     I’m a fan of the boxed set ¡aesthetic!™…  Meaning if your going to release unfinished works by an artist then release them as bonus’ material added to an already solid project or additional outtakes to accompany the solid material.  All togther the project jams.  Its listenable all the way through.  I love Dilla and hope they release more material.  I just hope its solid material…

Presenting J Dilla's equipment to the Smithsonian...

– $oCity

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