Intellectual property: The Value of Ideas

     I think the saying is “there’s nothing new under the sun.“  The idea that there is nothing man has not atleast thought about at some point in time.  There’s this knack people have to rehash the same ideas and recreate certain styles, or sounds.  That being said there’s this need in the human condition to try to create, and make something “new.”  Its almost ingrained in people to pursue whats percievably new.  I don’t know if its the culture, genetics, or both, but people crave ¡fresh!™ and ground breaking.  Even if its a new take on an old idea it’s held at a high regard or a high value.  Why is this?  What makes one idea more valuable than the other?  Why is one persons take on an idea covetted more than the next?  Im asking these questions to understand the dilemma of value and originality when it comes to intellectual property.
     It’s defined as creations of the mind, such as inventions; literary and artistic works; designs; and symbols, names and images used in commerce.  The dilemma is that at the end of the day it’s a property.  The thing about property is that when its yours you value it more.  Just like product from a specific manufacturer has a certain cost.  What dictates this value?  Some ideas are more valued because of the source.  While others are valued for the content of said idea.  I’ll compare it to realestate.  If your idea (property) is contructed around or near something of reputable status it raises the property value.  Where as if you build or create a certain vision in a baron landscape the value of the idea diminishes.  So the work is double in proving why your idea is just as valuable as the next.
     Anyone who has worked at marketing an idea or invention knows that the industry of your choosing is competitive and cutthroat.  Ideas are stolen, credit isn’t given, and the pay doesn’t always equal the quality.  So why keep pushing through it?  Simple, if its your time the pay off is worth it and at the end of the day creating is ingrained in the human condition.  No matter the risk, no matter the reward creators and innovators will continue to do so.  The value placed on your product might not be equal to others.  You may not get the recognition deserved, but the possibility is still there.  So the value of an idea is really up to you.  Do you accept the value placed on your intellectual property or do you keep pushing it until you get your just due.  I recommend you keep pushing, but ultimately its up to you how hard you push your product. 
God Speed…

– $oCity

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