Is there a such thing as age appropriate fashion anymore?

     Street fashion covers a broad range of clothing styles that mix and mingle, from casual attire to a more upscale aesthetic.  Here I’ll be focusing on the urban side.
     I was having a discussion with a friend of mine.  It sumed up to the point that in this day and age there were blurred generational lines.  Now the conversation was about music, but kinda spilled into fashion.  Are there still clothes that fit a particular generation?  Like no white shoes after Labor Day type shit perhaps?  I can understand both sides to this arguement, thats not to say I lean one way or the other.  Why not both?
     “Your only as old as you feel…”  Could a mentality or a philosophy.  The styles worn these days I think allow room for generational translations of newer styles…  From joggers to chino pants, and button down shirts.  Its how you finese it, and make it your own.  We got youngsters in suits and older guys in airmax and forces.  The role in what you wear is decided more on the situation or event rather than age these days.  Work attire versus casual attire.  For some who dress down at work they might step it up on the weekend and likewise… 
     The dynamic has changed, and even the role has changed, as that is the new challenge for today it seems.  Its a good thing like it or not.  It creates an evolution in style, and shakes things up.  We all could use a bit of both in this formulaic environment.

– $oCity

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