Art as an investment

The discussion of collecting art as a means of investment has been had as far bacc as there has been a monetary value placed on art.  The idea that you can perchase a piece of art in the hopes of seeing a return on your investment in our opinion kind of defeats the purpose of art appreciation.  That being said, there is still the potential to make art collecting profitable.  Spending money on whats labeled as “passion investments” has been growing in popularity for the last few years.  Especially with the popularity and commercial viability of grafitti and/or street art.  The fact is the idea that spending money on art as an investment is not a new idea at all.  People have been investing in art for centuries.  The question is what art is better to spend money on?
If you love art I think you should invest not with the goal of making money though, but rather the goal of owning something your pationate about.  Can art yield a profit?  Yes…  Is the profit guaranteed?  No…  Unless your a wealthy collector and can offord to spend 10’s of thousands on art chances are you are not guaranteed to make a sizeable profit.  At the same time those people who do spend large sums on art usually do so because they love the purchased piece and not because they expect a return.  For example…  when you go to the museum the art viewed in alot of cases is not owned by the museum.  Some of it is but others are donated by wealthy art collectors who take pride in sharing what they feel are important works.  These collectors do in a way get a return on their investment but its not always the return you’d expect.
The art world is dynamic and flooded with talent.  That does not mean that every artists talents are valued the same.  So when collecting art this has to be factored into deciding the underlying reason for your purchase.  The average return on an art investment is around 6.4% based off of research done in 2013.  This does fluctuate Im sure but thats a big difference compared to the published average of 10% return.  The moral to the story?  All investments can be risky and volatile, but art is probably more so than one would expect.  We suggest aquiring art you enjoy and wouldn’t mind hanging on to.  If you decide to sell it for a profit good, but don’t expect every piece you collect to be as well recieved by others….

– $oCity

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