Random Record Review: Hxlt “Hxlt”

     Allow me to start honesty.  I actually stumbled on this project while parousing the various media outlets I read to stay up on things.  What actually caught my attention was the cover art.  The shot was dope, and the subject matter was lit.  I usually go with my gut on things like that, and my gut didn’t disappoint. 
     Lately we have become accustom to let’s say “other” types of music crossing our path.  So this was a refreshing surprise compared to the A-typical radio type music we are accustomed to dominating the media publications.  Now we’re not saying the sound doesn’t have its pop appeal.  Its just so (for lack of a better word) different.  Original yet nostalgic, and not just nostalgic for the older listener.  Hxlt is defenitely a voice for the youth with a taste for a more retro aesthetic.  Like 80’s night meets Sonic Youth, with a hip hop twist if thats a fair analogy.  I guess I should admit Im a huge Sonic Youth fan (which I seriously am by the way), and I love Steely Dan too.  There I feel so much better admitting a few of my guilty pleasures.
      I spend alot of time hunting for new and obscure music, but Hxlt isn’t really to obscure.  So how did he stay off my radar?  How did this talented artist stay unnoticed by me?  I can only say that I wasn’t on my note I guess, but this new project makes me wanna check out his whole catalog.  With a sound thats got such a multi genre appeal, he has the potential to make quit the mark in music.  There were a couple tracks that I had to listen to a couple times before I really “got it,” but once I did the project actually came accross as a complete body of work.  I like that he takes a new approach on familiar subjects like relationships and life.  I found the project very relatable but yet very innovative. 
     All together the project jams, but songs like Reaper, Together, and Rock n Roll do stand out.  Songs like those will make their way to my turn up playlist but when the mood is right I’ll jam the project front to back.  Either way its defenitely a good listen.  If for nothing else, but a break from what has become the standard in mainstream music.

– $oCity

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