Bespoke & Custom Clothing.

     The idea of clothing being tailored to fit the individual is not a new phenomenon in the least.  It was something of a treat to the man of more modest means, but a common occurance amongst the more distinguished.  As of late its becoming more common to see options in regard to individualising your wardrobe.  It started with color options and limited run clothing pieces, but then expanded into various designers using cut & sew techniques to personalize garments.  Style wise there is a format un fashion that can be rather cookie cutter, but customization enables a touch of personalization to their clothing.
     I think in the next year or so we’ll see a growth in people utilizing cut & sew techniques, as well as others to at that touch of uniqueness.  There are already a couple options in hat customizations per folks at Bespoke Cut & Sew.  They actually give you alot of options to consider in regard to the look of your favorite hat.  Then you have guys like Heron Preston & The Shoe Surgeon reinventing the look of classic siloiettes.  Aside from Bespoke Cut & Sew, the others are a little pricey, but they are breaking ground on something not seen tried in street fashion.  There really hasn’t been much work in regard to custom clothing in street fashion.  50 different color palets is not true customization.  Although it does help the diversification of ones outfit.
     The idea when applied to street fashion is still growinh and expanding on whaymy is being tried but the potential is limitless.  It truely allows for ones individuality to shine through using relatively simply styles.  My only complaint is cost.  If it truely is to gain the momentum it deserves the cut & sew options are going to have to become more affordable.  If not it will remain a option reserved for those with deep pockets.  I hope this is not the direction it goes in.  I think think the future of fashion could very well be decided by this trend.  We’ll just have to see how it all plays out.  We can’t wait…

– $oCity

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