A City Dweller’s Epiphany (time is relative)…

     Usually our articles cover broad range of subject matters from a general perspective.  Today Im going to speak on a more personal note in regard to some reflections I’ve been doing over the past couple of weeks.  So pardon the tangent, but I thought it might be relatable to our audience.
     Its often said that there are two kinds of people, those that get shit done and those who don’t.  Well that may be true in one regard but also not in another.  A big problem we see in music, art, and in general is the over simplification of various issues.  For example…  In every scene there is the general audience and there are the movers and shakers.  Now to most it would appear that the movers and shakers are the group most invested in the scene, but as I said previously its not that cut and dry.  Speaking from personal experience there is alot more to it.  Some movers and shakers are involved in a scene for selfish motives and not just because they love said scene.  While some that appear to be mere fans might be more invested than first thought.  Some people just don’t have the resources, time, or even money to be as involved as they might prefer to be.  As the old adage goes… “Looks can be decieving…”
     I can personally attest to the struggle of juggling your personal life and ones passions.  Often life trumps ones passions.  As it should.  While your average person may lets this discourage them, others do not.  If you’re truely driven you will navigate it all and make time for what you love.  Its true that life is too short, and time is our most valuable ever fleeting resource.  I’ll put it another way.  When your average person gets a pay check they do not have the luxury to just blow the entire thing frivilously.  They rather carefully budget their finances in accordance with expenses, bills, etc.  Why not do this with our most valuable resource.
     I guess this is where the epiphany comes in.  Why settle for the role of an outsider or a fan.  If you love something and want to be more involved in your passion do it.  Why leave the scene you love to those with selfish motives.  Treat your time like that paycheck.  Dispence and budget your time with what you can “afford” to do with it.  Its up to you how you utilize your most precious resource.  I recommend investing it wisely.  The fruits of your investment are well worth it.

– $oCity

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