The $50 Outfit #2


     Its hard out here these days.  The oil industry’s laying people off left and right, walmart is closing stores.  Let’s just be honest, shits not looking up right now.  That being said life don’t stop, and the need/want to stay fresh and crispy doesn’t go away.  If you shop around or know people who do Im sure you’ve seen that guys don’t have as many frugal options as our female couterparts.  I spoke on that a little bit in $50 outfit #1.  I addressed it again because its a real struggle men have, especially huskier men like myself.  You really don’t find deals on quality gear.  Generic stuff yea, but there’s a defenite shortage of quality merch for a great deal. 
     Now don’t get me wrong there are places that sell gear at reasonable prices…  Places like Ross & Burlington Coat Factory have been holding down the hood for years.  Don’t sleep on Marshalls either.  They’re known for their great prices on Ralph Lauren Polo gear.  I’ve also had legendary wins off the Macy’s sale rack.  Still doesn’t mean its not hard to find deals.  Men just have to do a bit more digging.  The only problem with digging is it takes time.  Time you’d rather spend in other ways right?  Well my friend its really a trade off.  A little time for the savings and style you really want without having to settle. 
     Now depending on your taste in clothing it can be easier or harder to make the $50 outfit a reality.  Typically the dressier the harder to make it happen, but its defenitwly doable.  I may try to get a more dressy unit next time.  For now however I tried to keep it more of a casual look.  It was just more feasable with my store choices.  Especially since the first deal I got out the gate was my $17 navy blue suede Stinson Clarks Wallabee I scored at Jimmy Jazz for the find of the year.  The remainder of the outfit I got from SlamxHype.  In case your wondering wtf is that like I was…  Its a street fashion shop I found at one of the outlet malls around my city.  They carry brands like Alife & Rocksmith at regular and sale prices.  I lucked out because not only did I catch a sale but this particular location is closing.  So the prices were reduced even further…  It was defenitely a good venture.
     Below is the breakdown & pictures of the items purchased.  I would consider this a solid stand alone outfit, but accessories wouldn’t hurt either.  So if you like add some shades or a hat to the unit.  For my purposes those items would have brought us over budget so I left them off of the shopping list.  However in the pic you see me wearing a pair of Tortoise Ray Bans with the rounded frame I purchased a year or so ago.  Not only did we get a great outfit together for a date with the Mrs or any other outting, but aquired 3 pieces that can be mixed and matched with existing items in the wardrobe.  A great purchase at a great value for a great price…  ¡Fresh!™

Stinson Wallabee by Clarks – $17


Zip Moto Jean by Rsrch & Dvlpmnt – $18


Blue Floral Explosion Button Up by Holton – $8

Timeless floral can be a great accent piece...

Total = $43

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