The Power of the Colab

     The colaboration between brands is becoming more common place in fashion…  To some it would seem like these brands are reaching by piggy backing another brand to promote their own.  Now I’m not saying that each brand doesn’t benefit, but maybe its a more symbiotic relationship than first thought. 
     I mean think about it.  Not only does it break the manotony of the typical aesthetic of a brand, but it often diversifies the the type of product these brands present.  Aprime example is the colaboration between Huf & Obey.  This is extremely rare as both brands are both in the clothing industry.  Usually you see colabs between two different markets.  Like a clothing brand and a shoe brand for example, but these guys linked up to release a pretty dope blends of styles.  This brings up the previous argument.  Is one brand piggy backing?  We think the answer is no.  Both Huf & Obey are very much relevant brands that for whatever reason decided to link up.  It in our opinion breathed new life into both brands.
     Look at the colab between Bape & Dragon Ball Z.  Truely in our opinion a dope colab that will do very well.  Partly because Bape is crazy popular right now, but also because the colab is unique.  Mixing two different artistic mediums to produce a familiar yet unique look.  The brands that use symbolism from pop culture in their designs are taking a smart route as familiarity sells.  It also kind of reinvigarates the love kids have for Dragon Ball Z.  Which is an excelent case of the symbiosis between brands.  The point is that some brands need a move that keeps their buzz up, and a colab helps keep that momentum.  We love it.  The idea that the rules of fashion are changing are becoming more and more prevalent.  It adds that air of freedom to an area of urban culture that can stagnate at times.  That and it gives fans more individualizef option of their favorite brands. 
     The bottom line is fashion is a form of art, and like art there are times that a new approach can reach a broader audience.  Why not.  The fans love it and the fashion world is catching on.  Rules are changing and its about time.  Its nice to see new life breathed into classic silouhettes.  I mean after all isn’t the goal timeless appeal and longevity of your brand…

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