Random Record Review: Head Wound City “A New Wave of Violence”


     The first time I heard these guys I heard the cover of “Just One Fix” by Ministry.  I thought it was an amazing tribute to a band I loved growing up.  Keep in mind Im usually not a fan of covers at all (with a few exceptions).  Then I started doing my homework on this group, and learned about projects some of the members are a part of, and then I was sold.  I mean the Yeah Yeah Yeahs & The Locusts to name a couple of groups.  Its quite the diverse background.  Which is why I was so anxious to hear this project. 
     I was having a conversation with a friend of mine about the state of music and how genres like hip hop & rock are growing stagnant.  Some will argue that this isn’t rock but some newly invented sub category.  My answer to that is c’mon with the bullshit, is a rose by any other name still a rose?  Well fuck yea its still a rose.  A pretty rocking rose at that.  well I can honestly say this project surprised me.  Hard hitting, agressive, and dynamic.  No song is the same and the instrumentation is gritty but precise.  In the vain of The Mars Volta or Melt Banana, but a more palatable sound as well as tangible lyrics (sorta….lol). 
     I’ve been very deep in hip hop as of lately and very jaded on the rock front, but this project managed to shake up my focus.  It really was a holy shit this is awesome kind of moment.  Songs like “Scraper” “Closed Casket” & “Born to Burn” stand out to me, but the entire project is solid.  In a word…  Powerful….  Defenitely worth a listen…

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