Navigating the Labyrinth


     We as journalist, bloggers, intellectuals….   Or whatever… tend to spend a large amount of time with our faces stuck in tablets, phones, books, & various publications.  I am fortunate to come across alot of motivational content on a day to day basis.  That positivity has a way of recharging me.  So I thought I’d take the time to write a more personal ode to the positive inspiration I see consistently.
     As an individual and an organization it is sometimes hard to stay on path with ones goals & aspirations.  Life’s twists and turns can sometimes stagger progress by way of diverting your attention away from what the intended focus is.  We spend alot of time at ¡Fresh Aesthetic!™ interracting with artist, musicians, and other creatives.  The consensus seems to be that inspite of all that life throws at you stay consistent, and relentless in your pursuits.  Life will not quit and neither should you.  No matter your medium, no matter your persuit be constant.  As animals and plants do in nature, adapt.  As a good friend of mine would say…  “Life don’t quit….”
     The human condition is universal.  The degrees of intensity may vary but the adversity is ever present.  Let that drive you to your goal.  No matter how the road winds and the labyrinth seems daunting.  As an artist, business person, or creative the strife and struggle makes the success that much more rewarding.  Strength and character prove valuable tools for the endurance race.  How will you finish?  How will you be remembered?
Good luck in all your pursuits…

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