Fashion: Summer’s Here


     As of late our focus here at ¡Fresh Aesthetic!™ has been heavy on art, and rightfully so.  Creative energy is a driving force in expression and influence of the urban aesthetic.  That being said so does fashion, and one of the most fashionable times of year is upon us.  Summertime, when you can step out fresh with the sun helping you shine.  Fully visible in your hottest duds in the hottest months of the year.
     The theme that I keep seeing, and I’m loving is the simplistic base with a splash of color.  Sometimes this splash of color is replaced by a pop of floral or paisley.  Is you’re familiar with us you know we love those two patterns.  Stores like Zara & Cotton On are really in our opinion giving you a more affordable glimpse of whats going on in high fashion these days.  Simple stylish but most importantly comfort.  You got some comfortable slim fit chinos you love…  put a cuff in them toware they flood slightly, add a fitted short sleeve floral button up, and you’re in like flynn (I don’t know anyone named flynn by the way). 
     Joggers are also still a very viable option.  Some people are surprised to see them thriving, but not us.  After all comfort is the order of the day in street fashion, and why not be comfortable in that summer heat.  Maybe thats why the days of past the knee shorts is fading (finally).  Simple low top shoes with low cut socks is the perfect addition to that simple crisp look. 
     Breathable simple and timeless.  Buying items you can mix and match also help diversify your wardrobe.  Your summer look and a splash of confidence with defenitely turn heads.  From the gallery to the outdoor music festival.  ¡Fresh!™ in every setting…


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