Random Record Review: Isaiah Rashad “The Sun’s Tirade”

Let me think…  The first time I heard Isaiah Rashad was the Shot You Down video.  Yea the visuals were to me stunning.  Simple yet poetic, but what really captivated me was the realness and sincerity of the song.  The video was merely a perfect cinematic compliment to a solid ass song.  This began my obsession with the music of Isaiah Rashad.  For me his previous projects have had the content trifecta…  Dope beats, honest lyrics, & his butter delivery all culminate to put him in a pretty consistent place on my playlist.

Isaiah Rashad has this timeless vibe to his music.  Educated, unapologetic, and southern…  That combination doesn’t always  jive, but he mixes it effortlessly.  The Sun’s Tirade has proven to be just as timeless, and effortlessly cool as his previous projects.  It’s a refreshing break from the trap music norm we’re used to hearing these days.  His individuality and personality shines through in the lyrics & delivery.  Not to mention I’m a sucker for poetic and unique album titles.  Speaking on poetry, that is almost the way I would describe his lyrics.  Far from the straight forward repetitive norm of recent releases.  Which is a perfect fit with the rest of the T.D.E. roster. This diversity is definitely welcome in todays musical climate.

All in all Isaiah has defenitely found his lane.  Not necessarily made for radio, but not out of place amongst his peers either.  If you’re not a fan yet this project could easily turn you into one.  I was surprised that Smile  didn’t make the album, but dope features from T.D.E. alumni like Kendrick on Wats Wrong make this project dope.  Defenitely a solid project soulful & poetic.  Perfect to vibe to.

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