Adventures in Art Appreciation:  Art Crawl Houston 2016

One of the many murals done at an earlier date, but appreciated during the Art Crawl…

    It’s funny how as a city Houston is very spread out, and still can be closely knit.  It has the reputation of being diverse  demographically and economically.  The way houston is situated you’d think the city would be very seperate & divided.  In ways it is, but in more ways than  none its not.  I was reading an article in Business Insider about how America was comprised of 11 different cultural nations.  Now I’m not aligning the Art Crawl directly to that article, but more linking the article to the traits of the city.  Spread out but close, if your willing to drive a bit.  

     Still with all of Houston’s sprawling neighborhoods & subdivisions there is still a thriving…  No…  Very active art community.  Both like minds and very different sometimes conflicting perspectives can unite with the common goal of appreciating art.  As is the case with all city centers the creatives tend to converge there.  The heart of any city is usually a place where minds meet & ideas are exchanged.  Either by design or nature it’s usually the way it works.

     Needless to say nothing makes the idea of a united but culturally diverse city more apparent than with the Art Crawl.  For 2 days a year artists studios, galleries,  and cooperatives open their doors for the sake of art appreciation.  It’s an experience most major cities provide, and a very necessary experience at that.  Ideas are exchanged and minds connect.  Though to me most importantly hands are shaken and groundwork for growth is made.  I met established artists & novice artists alike.  Jewelry makers & entrepreneurs trying to build their brands.  People like me.  People pursuing a goal, a dream perhaps.  

     From the people I met who stumbled onto some galleries after brunch, to the art buyer in the market to purchase work from emerging artists.  There is truly something for everyone.  I find when you are confined to your little bubble in life the beauty of it all can sometimes be overlooked.  The humanness of the city.  The part that actually makes your city vibrant can be overlooked.  Times like these we are reminded that it’s people that make the city beautiful.

     I’ve gone for years now but this year was unique.  It was as though I witnessed more of a Renaissance in my city.  A rebirth of the positive energy that I always loved about Houston.  Like I’m rediscovering the city I fell in love with in my teens.  Sounds cliché I know, but it’s heartfelt & sincere.  There are those in the art scene that have a been there done that perspective on events like these.  My advice is don’t listen to them.  Experience it for yourself.  Be a part of your community an active contributor to your “cultural nation.”  Do a service to your city & your soul.  Live!

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