LFTP’S Black Tie Mixer & The Art of The Handshake 

The Black Tie Mixer
The Black Tie Mixer

I can’t even imagine how hard it was to network before the introduction of technology and/or social media.  There are so many avenues to traverse to achieve ones goals in reaching people and building connections.  Though sometimes building those relationships even on those platforms can be difficult.   As an artist, business owner, or entrepreneur it can be hard to put yourself in the right place at the right time.  I’m sure every city has their mixers and events to try to allow like minds to connect.  The norm or should I say the assumption is that these events are reserved for the well to do jetsetters of the city.   Rarely from my experience do you have events directed towards the young business men & women of your favorite city.  The up and comers if you will.  I guess I should say that it’s not that there aren’t any events, but rather none that bridge the gap of the established versus the new blood.

LFTP Studios might just be that catalyst capable of bridging that gap.  Held at the Esperson Gallery the first of what I hope will be many more quarterly mixers was a hit.  Complete with keynote speakers from various aspects of business and fashion helped set the tone for what was a very productive event.  LFTP is in a very unique position.  They are a duo (dynamic if you will) that like many young people are focused and driven to achieve that which they set out to do.  It gives them a unique perspective.  As both organizers and participants they can step back and understand how to make this event beneficial for everyone, and it truly was just that.

I was scrolling through a news feed of mine.  A friend posted a meme, it said “build bridges not walls.”  Now it was presented as sort of political social commentary, but as I read it getting ready for The Black Tie Mixer it seemed to mean more.  We love in a world where though it’s a benefit, technology does also create walls.  We lose touch or the importance of shaking hands, and looking people in the eyes.  I spoke at length with Leo Phoenix  about how much those simple acts can mean.  LFTP & their Black Tie Mixer reaffirms that to a group of individuals who may or may not know that.  Still we welcome the pleasant reminder.  Surrounded by art that inspires & people that motivate, LFTP definitely succeeded in providing a place for young and motivated people to connect.  The Black Tie Mixer is something I hope to see as a sort of tradition.  Hope to see you at the nest one…

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