Creative Expression & The Human Condition

The Creative Contribution 

     As general rule we do our best to try to avoid political issues.  It’s a rule that I think helps us to not alienate any of our readers.  Now I say that not to imply that I’m about to break said rule, but I won’t deny that politics inspired this article.

     Recently I was reading how the National Endowment for the Arts as well as other government subsidized programs like National Endowment for the Humanities could be in jeopardy due to reduced, or cut funding.  So instead of just going into a rant about how fucked up that is, I thought I’d instead speak on how important artistic expression is to the human condition.  Food for thought if you will to convey the importance creative expression has had on civilization, and the potential hazards of losing sight of this.  From your favorite classic rock bands you discovered in high school, to the art in the lobby of the dentists office.  It all has a profound effect on us.

     For me art no matter the medium at a very young age was sort of therapeutic for me.  Early coping mechanisms revolved around creativity.  The inspiration of knowing that others had struggles in life that they expressed through art & music.  The beauty that the struggles of life are not unique to the individual, but the way we express & endure is unique.  Thousands if not millions of unique perspectives could get lost in obscurity.  At a time when honest expression has become an important industry the importance of documenting the human experience is still being downplayed.  More by those concerned with the bottom line than those who are busy living life.  Those who amidst their struggle and pursuits see a beacon of hope in creativity.   In these turbulent times the creatives can bridge the divide, as they have always done.  After all to quote a classic “something bout music when it hits you feel no pain.”  No one wants to feel pain but complicated emotions come out and empathy comes from experiencing perspectives. If there’s something needed in the world more than ever it’s empathy.

     So here we are at this crucial point in time.  A time when creativity is more important than ever, and understanding is craved.  Sometimes the best solutions come from looking within.  Art & the Humanities give us a chance to do that.  A hard look at ourselves is needed so that we can progress.  Good old ingenuity…  The human element will help us if the funding stops.  No matter what kind of machine put in place creativity always finds a way.  The need to express helps us endure.  Our humanity always shoes through.  

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