Esperson Gallery & The Art of the Game


A view of the gallery…

    The cultural influence Houston has on the rest of the country is often understated.  It’s kind of an unspoken, but accepted fact in the city.  We often just keep doing what we do and let the chips fall where they may.  Houston is not typically a city that is worried about how the rest of the country views us.  It’s kind of ironic because in art, music, film, and business we are for the most part also widely respected.  So it’s no surprise that when big events like this year’s Superbowl come to town we take that chance to shine.  It’s always nice when we get a little spotlight on our corner of the world to highlight what exactly makes this city so great.

     Superbowl weekend was loaded with activities.  From Drake‘s pop up strip club to more family friendly activities, the weekend was packed with people and events.  The great thing about big weekends like these is that the whole city shines.  For places like Esperson Gallery it’s a chance to not only highlight the gallery itself but the artist as well.  Houston has long been known as a hub for art & cultural.  Tammy Green Dowe & Esperson Gallery have worked tirelessly to help prove that point further.

     I have had the pleasure of attending a few events at The Esperson Gallery.  The Art of The Game was by far one of my favorites.  For 3 days Esperson opened its doors to those lucky enough to purchase tickets to the event.  Those 3 days were filled with, talent, diversity, and southern hospitality.  Live performances from the guys at LFTP StudiosPatrice Pike, as well as George Straits Fiddler Chris Whitten set the mood for a fun filled weekend.  Artists like Angela FabbriTaft McWhorter, and Patti Lennon-Potter lent their talents to help create Superbowl inspired works.

     Downtown was hectic to say the least but if you decided to brave the crowds it was well worth it.  The Esperson Gallery was that calm refuge.  A place to get away and truly experience Houston’s cultural diversity.  Drinks, music, and artistic ambiance set the tone to mix and mingle with some great people. Esperson Gallery definitely shined last weekend and with their help so did the whole city.

The talented Chris Whitten
Angela Fabbri and her live improvised Superbowl inspired work.
And the winner is..

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