Fashion:  Is taking a risk with what you wear worth it?

Courtesy of NY Magazine

     In the light of the current climate both literally and fashionably the air of things is ripe for change.  Whether music, politics, or life there are points when things get stagnant.  When people get restless and the world gets shook up.  It’s usually about every 3 to 5 years that a trend get overdone, ie. the bucket hat.  As technology improves and trends spread faster, the timeline is sped up.  That’s when things get tricky.  Regional preferences  (like Washinton D.C.s love for New Balance)  play a part in regular wear options. 

     Taking chances in what you wear is a tricky venture.  A double edged sword if you will.  Do too little and you miss the mark.  Go too far and the looks won’t be flattering.  I’m of the mindset that if you like it go for it, but be mindful that the way you look attracts a certain type of attention.   I won’t elaborate though, we’ll save that convo for another time.  Still the way you dress does carry a certain perception.  I think the phrase is that “your reputation precedes you.”  

     I on the other hand tends to be modest in my fashion risks.  I’d rather keep it simple but crispy.  Add accent pieces to pull it all together but still stand out, but ask anyone and they’ll tell you that’s how I do.  At the end of the day it’s all on you.  Let your style be an outward reflection of you.  The best part of you.  Vibrant, stylish,  but most importantly unique.  Emphasis on unique…

Courtesy of The Fashion Spot

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