Random Record Review: The Alchemist “Rapper’s Best Friend 4”

The Alchemist

In hip-hop there is this emphasis on the lyricist or rapper. This status quo that the rapper is the focal point of hip-hop music. I mean some think it’s rightfully so since the music form’s emphasis is on lyrics and vocal delivery. There’s just one thing though. Who is responsible for the music they rap over? I mean these guys aren’t just lacing those buttery vocals on open air. There are people responsible for providing that sound that sets the tone for your favorite rapper to speak on. In a time when content with substance and raw lyrics is a rare occurrence you’d think the producer would be given more credit. Especially since like the dj in the early days the producer actually creates the sound a rapper may be know for. IE guys like Metro Boomin. It’s unfortunate that unless you’re a super producer you don’t necessarily get full credit for the beats made.

Then you have guys like The Alchemist. Nestled right there in between the super producer status, and a slept on genius creating classics on the low. Whether you have realized it or not one of your favorite rappers has probably laced an Alchemist beat. Rick Ross, Schoolboy Q, Action Bronson, and Mobb Deep to name a few have all had the benefit of working with The Alchemist.

Don’t get me wrong I love lyrics, but I also love a good beat as well. Sometimes its nice to just soak up the music sonically minus the lyrics. To really absorb what the producer has contributed to a song. This project is to me a play through. It’s got that mix. The familiar beats from songs you’ve heard before to those hidden gems that you may have overlooked. Alchemist is to alot of people a very important contributor to the culture. I think it’s projects like this that make you really appreciate his undeniable influence. A man of few words The Alchemist’s beats speak for themselves. The first 3 volumes of this series jam. This 4th contribution is equally listenable. If you’re a fan of Alchemist you should definitely cop this one, and if you’re not that familiar with him this is a great intro. Another no doubt solid contribution by Alc. Makes me look forward to hearing what he’s contributed to that up and coming Kendrick Lamar album.

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