Art & Technology: An Unlikely Alliance

Not quite the future they talked about in sci-fi movies, but an impressive presence non the less. Technology has for the most part become an integral part of our lives. A permanent installment in our ever growing tech dependent society. Sometimes its easier to connect with the digital world rather than to face what’s outside. There’s this shift in priority. From face to face interaction to relying on social media for human contact. Most people get more exposure to art through mobile devices than they do in person. So what about the art? What about the galleries, or museums? The easy answer… Adapt. The tough answer… Persevere.

Though these times seem like a low point in history it’s actually quite the opposite. Artists and creatives have a better chance then ever to gain an audience and increase exposure. The opportunities to market ones self is easier than ever. The hard part is getting that audience to show up when it counts. So the better question. Is technology making it easier or more difficult on the artist? The short answer… Both. It’s really entirely up to the creative, and his/her ability to market themselves. We can’t deny that money doesn’t help, but it’s not a deal breaker. Technology levels the playing field somewhat. There’s at least room for the driven self starter to maneuver and make a name. To have a voice and allow that voice to reach places difficult to reach some years ago.

The future seems optimistic for everyone. Well everyone with the tenacity to push past limitations, but that’s the case in any of our pursuits. In this case however technology can be a leg up, verses the obstascles we creatives are all to familiar with. Things like distance and finances will still be hurdles to cross. Still an easier to jump with the leg up tech provides. Times are going to change as do the mediums we use to create. Does accessibility cheapen creative contributions? Did your favorite book impact you less in a digital format? No matter the medium art is still art. Human expression does not lose value when there is an abundance of it. It looses value when it lacks creativity or originality.

Tech will not devalue art. The uninventive creative will. Though tech makes mimicry easier, originality will always have worth. The task isn’t to hold on to an old mind set, but to put value in unique content. To be an individual in a sea of individuals… The biggest challenge will be evolution and growth all while nurturing originality. In other words the future lies with individual. Stand out or drown in that sea.

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