The Culture Fresh Podcast

The new year means alot to alot of people, but for most it’s a fresh start. A chance to start with a clean slate, to leave the past in the past. I’ve never been a fan of disregarding or forgetting previous experiences, as I believe that even negative experiences can teach us lessons. As long as we’re moving forward and progressing, the past can be remembered to remind us of where we don’t want to return to.

In the spirit of progress, and moving forward we decided to try something. Yea we decided to start a podcast. We’ve been busy researching and debating what would be the best platform to use. We decided to go with It’s a new unique platform we are anxious to contribute to. The Culture Fresh Podcast will be a blend of music and commentary allowing you guys a chance to check out some music (via spotify) we enjoy. It’s meant to be a audio accompaniment to the Fresh Aesthetic website. We hope you guys enjoy listening as much as we enjoy recording it. As we do on the web page, there will be diverse engaging content and music for you to peruse. So tune in and enjoy.

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