The Beauty Standard


Alot of time and effort is put into appearances, both literal and figurative ones. The social significance based on how things appear to be is immense, but is it realistic? Does the norm do more harm than good? The very thing we are trying to stay away from it seems we all fall victim to. Tribalism is so much a part of who we are. Its like we still can’t escape it. Even in our attempts at individuality.

In a world where now more than ever originality is praised, we still get the homogenized version of ourselves. All to fit into what are the norms of today. What is acceptable? What has that mass appeal (not the magazine)? We are sometimes held hostage by the restrictions of normality. It’s like that game we used to be able to buy at the dollar store. It’s basically a flat square with individual movable tiles inside it. Each one of those tiles are numbered. When you buy it all those tiles are mixed up. You win the game by putting the tiles in numerical order.

It seems our individuality is the numbered tile in this game. Free to be placed where ever we see fit within the confines of the square. However to win the game we must have placed all those things that make us special in the right sequence. The right combination is what makes us acceptable in mainstream society. That’s half the battle.

The standard of what it takes to be successful is a whole other animal. In this fractal version of numerical tiles placing them in the right order takes so much more. The right combination of money, network, and mass appeal don’t guarantee it but it does help. All to become successful to the fickle masses. The price of success is a steep one and nothing is guaranteed. All we can do to push through and endure. Strive to be the best versions of ourselves we can no matter the outcome of the game.

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