The Generational Gap…

With every generation comes that urge to be the first to do it in a new way, that no one has seen or experienced before. That shameless optimism and drive to stand out has led the way for countless innovations in culture and business. That knack for the youth to question and wonder, to not just accept things the way they are. It’s consistently forced the old guard to pay attention and change the model that was the previous standard for how “things” were done. Sometimes a nuisance, youthful optimism is often times the catalyst for necessary change. It’s not that things aren’t going to naturally evolve. It’s just that things might not progress as quickly if not for that push from the younger generation.

These days are no doubt very different than days past. Still it seems like as fast as things progress and technology advances these days the old guard still has hard time adapting to the change. So the obvious next question to me seems to be, why has the older generation not caught on and attempted to stay relevant. Why is it that as much as the attitude of staying young is so prevalent, older people still have a hard time keeping up? We are all creatures of habit. We get so caught up in our routine and what we’re used to that we lose touch with what’s happening around us. Maybe it’s more of a not caring as much about it. Seems crazy not to care as all of it effects us, but it’s not a far fetched theory.

To me there’s something noble about older people attempting to keep up with the times. Not trying to stay forever Young, but rather just staying aware and involved in current events. Aging gracefully. Not physically in all cases but in cultural literacy. Attempting to understand it all rather than just dismissing it. That understanding can help the older generation as well as the younger generation alike. Wisdom and youthful optimism can be the ingredients needed to create the society that we have been working towards for generations. That logical patient approach mixed with the impatient emotional approach. The balance of it all. For the betterment of future generations. Isn’t that the point. Art, expression, creativity… It’s all a part of that quest for self exploration and betterment.

The old guard should helping not hindering growth and progress. That is not the trend unfortunately. That should change and it starts with the elders.

Let’s all try to age and grow gracefully.

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