The Flaw in Ranking

It’s that time of year again… Probably not the time of year you thought I was talking about, but still the time is upon us… That time when everyone wants to condense and simplify what’s good or not in a top or best of “category… List…” If it’s done by the numbers I would have less of an argument than if this was compiled based on ones taste alone.

Numbers of views and clicks matter, which is why these lists are becoming more common. The validity in the list themselves is irrelevant. Mainly because the whole intent is to get numbers. So what’s really the point? There is so much amazing art, music, photography, culture available to us. So many talented voices all trying to be heard. Anything and everything is done in abundance these days. We’re having a sort of Renaissance right now. New perspectives and ideas are being shared and appreciated. So why put limits on what is good or great based on a list? Why not nurture the differences and diversity by being more open. To put it simply… It’s a numbers game.

That whole train of thought used to be reserved for companies focused on their bottom lines. Now that every creator is a company or brand they see the importance of numbers as well. It’s a blessing and a curse. A mixed bag of fickle intentions and motives. It’s a new year. Let’s try to look at things in a new and open way. I mean we control cool after all…

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