Thrift Stores & The Brand Dilemma

Status and style have a tendency to go hand in hand. There is this fine line between being fresh vs frugal. Often what is associated with fresh or trendy has a tendency to be expensive, even unattainable for some. This unfair idea of status attached to garments is of course a construct. In the west, and well all over the world items are highly sought after. Not for what they are but for what they represent. What do they represent though? Prosperity and the unattainable? Perhaps…

Everyone wants to create a look, an image. A representation of themselves. The common misconception is that you have to break the bank to do it. That somehow the more you spend means that your look holds more merit. The truth is if you look and are willing to be patient you can find the same brands you want now for better prices. Sales, and discount stores have hidden gems. The most obvious yet hidden option however is the thrift store. I just recently copped a pair of $200 A.P.C. jeans for $6 at Goodwill today. Tag still on them. In layman’s terms… They were new.

The deals are out there. You just have to look. You can wear what you want to wear without having to be essentially hustled by companies who want you to be an uneducated consumer. The options are out there. Like most things in life it just takes a little patience and alot of drive and it can happen. You can have your unique look with the brands you love, and still have some money in the bank.

Happy hunting…

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