Politics & Cool

It seems as if there are these lines drawn. Certain things are regarded as cool, hip, “socially acceptable.” Sometimes words like opinion, perspective, and judgement are thrown in to send the point home. The unspoken rules and hierarchies still seem to dictate the standards of today.

Let’s be honest here. Deciding what’s really “cool” is a slippery slope. Now more than ever there is a safe space for people to maintain their individuality, but still be “cool.” Yet still, we are all products of the tribalism engrained in our society and respective subcultures. In layman’s terms. What you think is cool still might not be “cool.” There is no formula apparently. Either you are or you aren’t.

That being said, there’s still a grey area. The area of cool decided by the work you put in. The relevancy you maintain by being seen. Either online or in person all plays a part to your “cool.” As the picture implies at the top of this article. Inspite of those predisposed definitions of “cool.” We decide what is popping.

Politics or not, we influence it all.

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