Random Record Review: Show Me The Body “Dog Whistle”

Every once in a while you stumble accross something that is so pleastly jarring & different, yet slightly familiar that it makes you pay attention. Enters Show Me The Body with this sound… Very punk but very much their own gritty sound. Political but not. Angry but not. I know I know. So descriptive right? It’s hard to describe a group when you hear so many influences in their sound.

New York and that rep they have to just naturally provoke wild raw energy. Hardcore punk, experimental, and hardcore all have deep roots in NY. So when groups like Show Me The Body come along you pay attention. The energy, arrangement, and the writing. Ok sorry to nerd out but it makes for a good mix. Their earlier releases are good too but this project sounds solid. Grimey like parts of “Corpus I,” but more focused. Songs like “Now I Know” with morbid depictions of life at war. “I can see dead bodies, in the street” he says. It may seem like a cliche’ statement. I dunno. In certain genres, some of the subject matter isn’t that surprising, but this shit just hits you different. Sincere and authentic.

We’ve written about that in a couple articles. Sincerity in expression is important. I think this project is kinda timeless. I mean raw energy just doesn’t go out of style. We all relate to that raw energy. I definitely relate to this shit. A great project.

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