Clout & The Viral Phenomena

It’s finally happened. They’ve finally mastered profiting from fleeting moments made of memories and experiences. Or is it just me that noticed? It seems that the old adage is true. “With great power comes great responsibility,” and what most choose to do with that power is monetize the fleeting for clicks and views. All this technology in our hands and most are so deep in the forest that they forget that we dictate the landscape.

The ease and accessibility sometimes makes us take what we have in our grasp for granted. Sometimes we forget that just because it’s easy doesn’t mean its not powerful. So what the fuck does clout and going viral have to do with technology and power? Ok so hear me out first. Influence at our fingertips is what gives us the power, or atleast some of it. Clout is the illusion of power, however it is influence. No matter how temporary it is, clout is influence. Now the key is to leverage that influence (clout) into something that you the creative can benefit from. Not just in the short term but long term as well. After all it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Negative or positive, clout is influence. How do you want to be viewed? How will you leverage that clout to your advantage? How will that clout effect the public’s perception of you? Important questions that every creative should ask them selves when playing that game. People have short memories but the internet never forgets. Often our past comes back haunt us. Tweets and posts from the past resurface, and effect how you are perceived. That perception effects your rep. What seemed like a good idea for clout in the past can come back in a negative light in the future. Clout is necessary but how we use it, and how we understand it is important.

In a world that’s become so short sighted, its important to think long term. Even in regards to clout.

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