Random Record Review: “Snubnose” by Grip

The Gram. That’s where I saw this picture with the parental advisory logo in the bottom left corner, but man fuck that logo. That gun. That snub nose was jarring against that red back ground. It demands your attention. I had heard of him before, but that picture got me. Complex named him best new artist of the month last year around may, but you know how that is. Its not that you didn’t notice him. It’s just you know, complex. It’s hard to take them seriously sometimes. Them and their Everyday Struggles to stay relevant… This cover though. It caught my attention. So much so that I had no choice but to listen. In short, the kid is nice. Just as jarring as the cover. The album is raw, but nice. If that makes sense.

Real is rare and to feel it in the bars is even more so these days. Very Atlanta, but as diverse as Atlanta, his sound is not regional. It fits in the current climate. Polished and grimy. I need to do my research but I think he may be a young branch of The Dungeon Family. The Big Rube track kinda convinced me. It’s like Cool Breeze and Witch Doctor did trap. I know, I know… Who? It might sound wild, but that’s what I heard in the first 5 or so tracks. It works though. Glad to see flavors like these thriving in this climate.

Old heads usually have this opinion when times change and they can’t keep up. The “it was better in my day” attitude. The “Street knowledge… Nigganomics!…” is not a generational anomaly though. That whole I remember the old days, back when attitude we all know so well tries hard to prevail, but is not valid at all. Thing are just different, not better or worse.

It all changes, but it stays the same. I like the changes though. It creates anomalies like the vivid picture that’s painted behind that cover. Tracks like “Bishop Speaks… Matter” and “No Info” tell the familiar story almost in jest. I’m from a place where lives do not matter… echos eerily on a base heavy beat that reminds you exactly where you are. That familiar place you don’t wanna go. I guess I’m different cause sometimes I wanna go back. Grip‘s a great tour guide after all.

So I decided to go back and give his earlier projects a listen. Grip‘s got a solid catalog, but Snubnose is definitely the stand out project. Probably the longest actually. It’s put together well though. A thoughtful and thought provoking album that hits alot different than what you’re used to. I think no matter what you’ll be impressed. The kid’s got flavors. With a flow that will demand your attention like the first sight of that .38. Definitely someone that we will be keeping our eye on. He’s coming out hard (pause) and we like it.

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