Creative Control: The Mobile Curator

So over the past few years we’ve been doing an experiment of sorts. I’d say about 90 to 95% of our content is created on a mobile device. Ok, so I guess to give some context I should explain. When we started ¡Fresh Aesthetic!™, the idea was to create a platform we could update and maintain from anywhere. We thought the best way to do this was to use the one thing we always have and always use. These little smart computers we make calls on might be enough to pull it off.

We say this a lot, but the world is at our fingertips. No matter where you are or who you are, you can reach the world. That’s why mobile curation is more important than ever. It’s a game of control. Who controls the content and who controls what the public sees. As a creative/curator we are in a constant this struggle for influence. The changing of the guard is happening as I type this. The closest analogy I can think of is the legal cannabis industry. It’s still evolving and because it’s so new there are all these players competing for their place in the market. The parallels are seen in YouTubing as well as podcasting. Investors always express the importance of “getting in on the ground floor.” Well this is as close to the ground floor as we’re going to get.

Just like any other industry, the corporate machine is also vying for it’s place as well. Podcasts have been heavily invested in by Spotify, and we all know who owns YouTube. To touch back on the legal cannabis industry it’s very much more of the same. So… Is it about competing with them? Unless your pockets are hella deep I’d have to advise against it (lol). What we can do however is use it all, both the corporate machines, and the computing machines we carry everyday. Use them to make our voices valid and relevant.  The content creators now have value, and it’s the content you curate that articulates that value. We have power in today’s market. Don’t let the money machine take it away.


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