The New Historians

History is written by the victors, or so I’ve been told. I’m not sure how much you might agree with this sentiment though. Because it may have been true once upon a time, but not anymore. History is sculpted to your algorithm now. Then told to you exactly how you want to hear it. There was a time when you could only hear one side of conflicts. We often hear about the brutal atrocities on the opposing side, but the allies committed them too. Those fellow champions who helped us to defeat our collective foe. All we’re told is that conflict can be ugly. Nevermind who did what. What matters is who won, right?

2020 has been quite the story to be told. As does every year, but this one hit different. Isolated, with most things remote. What is being experienced is being documented now by more than the victors. The people in the middle who don’t have a steak in either side can tell a more objective story. As story tellers creatives have an important role in today’s history. If that makes sense.

Creatives, are in some circles more trusted than the media. That’s a responsibility that we shouldn’t ignore. A responsibility to maybe show the flaw in the entire conflict rather than just one side. So history doesn’t repeat, and real change can occur. Before the stories get tainted with a hint of tribalism, as empires rise and fall. We have a unique opportunity to contribute more than just more of the same old tales. The idea of the historian is changing, just like so many other things going on in the volatile world. Change is coming. Change is good, and changing the way history is documented would be great.

Besides, what we post online will be saved and documented regardless. We might as well get more control of the narrative. The new historians, the creatives have to navigate it all. Charting ones course all while intelligently narrating the present, so others can get a glimpse of the view from the middle. That unbiased part of history where the full experience can be felt. Where you can catch a glimpse of the bigger picture, not just a small window. It’s the job of the creative to show that unique perspective. After all they’re documenting is all regardless. Might as well get a hold of that narrative before the victors only tell you about their glory.

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