We write and enjoy doing so. Not necessarily at any great speed, but we write nonetheless. We contribute our views about the creative world we live in, at a pace that we are perfectly comfortable with. Happily moving forward, doing our part to shed light on creatives and their works that we have enjoyed. We are fans first and writers second. Doing our best to show our readers how much we enjoy not just exploring, but finding new works to write about.

When we aren’t writing we’re living our respective lives, taking in the arts and cultures of our cities. I mean what sense would it make to write opinion pieces and interviews if we took no time to venture out. To involve ourselves in the communities where creativity thrives. Yes, we have regular jobs, families, and lives outside of our corner of the interwebs. We do it for the love and will keep doing it until some generous sponsors come out decide to do business with us. With what we do have though, we try to put thought-provoking works into the world for our readers enjoyment.

Our curator, and primary contributor K. Angelle ensures we’re able to take our time and build an ever-evolving body of work. Just like us. Just like the creatives and professionals we write about. On a journey to be their best selves and to contribute something of value to a creative space that we care greatly about.

So please, peruse and enjoy.

Space Shuttle Endeavour is ferried by NASA’s Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA) over Houston, Texas on September 19, 2012. NASA pilots Jeff Moultrie and Bill Rieke are at the controls of the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft. Photo taken by NASA photographer Sheri Locke in the backseat of a NASA T-38 chase plane with NASA pilot Thomas E. Parent at the controls. Photo Credit: (NASA/ Sheri Locke)


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