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From as far back as I can remember I was always fascinated by diverse cultures. A self proclaimed "city cat." Quite the juxtaposition from my Louisiana roots. I remember when I moved to Houston as a kid. How different it was from what I was used to, but for me (at least I think) the transition was easy. I was like a kid in a cultural candy store. My taste in music diversified. My perception of people changed. Any person experiencing such a culture shock might not have responded the same. For me it was different though. I think most people would have cringed and hid away. I chose to dive in head first, taking in as much as I could. That point in my life plays a big part in my motivation to do what we do, and touch on the subjects we will touch on. Every city is different, and every person is different. From the style they adapt, to their way of thinking. It all mixes and culminates to create each cities cultural aesthetic. I've always thought this was a beautiful thing that should be shared. I now have a tool to share that with more people than ever. For me this is a catalyst if you will. A way to share my love of culture & expression with a greater audience, but enough about me.

I hope you enjoy.