Artist Q&A: Camargo Valentino

There is this common misconception of what an artist is supposed to be. This romanticized ideal of the creative as this enigmatic person that lives misunderstood and rejected by society. Yet somehow this hero of creativity is stilll embraced by the creative world. Now I’m not saying that artists like this don’t exist. I’m more […]

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Artist Q&A: Yoon Miseon

The world is getting smaller. Not literally of course, but in the reach/impact that an individual can have. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the world of the creative. The artist. Emotions and experiences though different, still can be related to universally. The human condition is after all a mosaic of experiences that make […]

Artist Q&A: Dean Christie

The beauty of art is not just in the statement it makes, but also in the limitless forms it can manifest itself. How even in adulthood that our experiences as a youth still inspire and drive us towards our passions. The artist conundrum of today seems deeply rooted in the balance of creation vs exposure. […]

Artist Q&A: Ief Peeters

There are alot of different types of painters. I guess what I mean is people create for different reasons. It’s one of the things we think makes each artist so great. Each unique view adds a precious piece to the mosaic of expression we are all a part of. For the Belgium artist Ief Peeters […]

Artist Q & A: Robyn Redish

     I think I was on Facebook one-day when I noticed a friend expressing the opinion that what some consider art was in fact not art, but something else.  In that half hazard way we sometimes comment I proceeded show the definition of art and to say that it’s all about perspective.  Needless to […]