The Art of Mimicry

One of the most sacred tenets in art is to be original and true to one’s own vision. This unspoken rule in the lawless lands of creative expression is one kept close to the heart. However as time goes on and technology makes the world smaller, trends become more valuable than originality. That intrinsic value is not […]

The Creative vs Depression

Welp… I think it’s about time for a little honesty and vulnerability here. In that vein I can admit that my creative life has been riddled with bouts of depression. Often diluted with chemicals and escapism in its many forms. This after all is the only life I’ve ever known, and the only life I’ve […]

Politics & Cool

It seems as if there are these lines drawn. Certain things are regarded as cool, hip, “socially acceptable.” Sometimes words like opinion, perspective, and judgement are thrown in to send the point home. The unspoken rules and hierarchies still seem to dictate the standards of today. Let’s be honest here. Deciding what’s really “cool” is […]

The Flaw in Ranking

It’s that time of year again… Probably not the time of year you thought I was talking about, but still the time is upon us… That time when everyone wants to condense and simplify what’s good or not in a top or best of “category… List…” If it’s done by the numbers I would have […]

Navigating the Labyrinth

     We as journalist, bloggers, intellectuals….   Or whatever… tend to spend a large amount of time with our faces stuck in tablets, phones, books, & various publications.  I am fortunate to come across alot of motivational content on a day to day basis.  That positivity has a way of recharging me.  So I thought […]