Creative Control: The Mobile Curator

So over the past few years we’ve been doing an experiment of sorts. I’d say about 90 to 95% of our content is created on a mobile device. Ok, so I guess to give some context I should explain. When we started ¡Fresh Aesthetic!™, the idea was to create a platform we could update and […]

Clout & The Viral Phenomena

It’s finally happened. They’ve finally mastered profiting from fleeting moments made of memories and experiences. Or is it just me that noticed? It seems that the old adage is true. “With great power comes great responsibility,” and what most choose to do with that power is monetize the fleeting for clicks and views. All this […]

The Beauty Standard

Alot of time and effort is put into appearances, both literal and figurative ones. The social significance based on how things appear to be is immense, but is it realistic? Does the norm do more harm than good? The very thing we are trying to stay away from it seems we all fall victim to. […]

The Appropriation of Style

There are few things more self identifying and important to culture than style. The importance in symbolism and use of color is often lost on us in the western world. The generations worth of history and passion that went into creating what we see currently is often lost on our disposable sensibilities. Something uniquely American […]

The Underground Influence

Recently on our podcast we were discussing the impact skateboarding has had on mainstream culture. While discussing this topic it really became apparent that this is a reoccurring theme in the west. Things that were once considered subculture, or fringe culture become more widely accepted. Like it’s uncool until it’s not anymore. At first there […]